About Us

Welcome to Creme de LOU!

We are a family owned and operated ice cream shop operating out of the Logan Street Market.

In addition to proudly serving our custom specialty ice creams and milkshakes, we offer super premium ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe Ice cream out of Madison Wisconsin.  It is our goal to provide you with the best ice cream experience we can.  One thing that will set us apart from some of the other ice cream shops in Louisville is, we offer you the opportunity to create your own ice cream flavor.  You pick the ice cream base and the mix-in ingredients and we will blend, fold and freeze your request right in front of your very eyes.


Hours of operation (same as the Logan Street Market)

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10am - 8pm 

Wednesday: 10am - 8pm 

Thursday:  10am - 8pm 

Friday:  10am - 9pm 

Saturday: 9am - 9pm

Sunday: 9am - 8pm